My Neighbours Sexy Laundry

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Neighbours Sexy Laundry

There are times when your wildest dreams come true and yesterday was on such day!!! Id been friendly with my neighbor, Hazel ever since Id moved into my new flat a month earlier. Hazel was like me in her early sixties, that made us the youngest in the block of retirement flats where we lived. All of the other tenants were much older, mainly in there seventies and eighties and some even in their nineties.

Yesterday I was on my way back from the shops walking past Hazels flat and saw something Id never seen before, her washing line full of her /underwear/">underwear. I found out later that her tumble drier had packed up which was why she had to use her outside line. My lucky day!!!

I was a little surprised at how sexy they looked, not at all what Id have expected her to wear. Now like any red blooded man would, I stopped and had a good look, thats all I did though, look. Ive read stories about men who get a kick out of sniffing a womans /wet/wet-panties/">wet panties and even wearing them but Im no pervert so just looking at them was exciting enough for me. There were bras and panties of several colors and even a couple of pairs of stockings and of course the sight of them caused a certain of my anatomy to stir, so I quickly made my way up to my own flat before I got too excited.

Later that day, I was up in Haze flat having a coffee as I did most afternoons and as we sat and sipped our coffees, she asked me point blank what I thought of her choice of underwear. When she saw the look of embarrassment on my face, she laughed. ?I saw you checking my washing line this morning Mike. Dont worry, Im not offended, after all youre a man and Id have been surprised if you hadnt noticed them. Once Id regained my composure, I told her that they were nice, adding, under my breath the word, sexy.

I didnt think shed heard that but she then looked at me and smiled. ?Thats why I buy them Mike, because theyre sexy,? she said, ?not that anyone ever sees them but they make me feel sexy when I wear them.? ?Well if nobody sees you in them, theres a lot of men missing out,? I said, ?Im sure you look really sexy in them.? For a second or two Hazel just sat there and I could tell she was struggling with something. ?I wont be a minute Mike,? she said, getting up off the couch, ?I have to go to the loo.? As I sat there waiting for her to come back, I couldnt help imagining her in some of the undies Id seen on her line but when did eventually come back I didnt have to imagine it.

When I heard he come back from the bathroom I turned towards her and my jaw dropped. She was standing in the door way wearing one of the outfits Id seen on the line, black silk French knickers and matching bra. ?Well,? she said, ?do I look sexy in them?? For a full minute I just sat there lost for words until I saw a look of concern cross her face and she turned in the doorway. ?No wait, Hazel,? I said, ?you took me by /surprise/">surprise. ?You look amazing Hazel, amazing and very sexy.? I said as she stood there looking down at me. ?Do you really think so Mike,? she said, ?or are you just saying that?? ?Look, why dont you come and sit here,? I said, ?and Ill prove to you that I mean it.?

Again she stood and thought for a moment then came and sat down beside me. I think we both knew where this was headed and I felt no resistance as I pulled towards me and kissed her hard on the lips, my hand moving up onto her silk covered breasts. As we kissed I felt her hand move into my lap and unzip my fly. We both groaned as she slid it inside, searching for my swollen cock. Even through my boxers her touch was electric and she let out a soft moan as I gently pinched one of her silk covered nipples. We sat there for at least ten minutes kissing and teasing each other until finally she broke the kiss, stood up sexxxx video ful hd and pulled me to my /feet/">feet. Then she unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants and boxers down.

?Oh God!? she gasped, as my cock sprang free, ?Its been so long Mike. Please be gentle with me.? Gentle is my middle name and as I sat her back down on the couch and eased her legs apart I could see that her the crotch of her knickers was already wet and as I moved my face towards it my head began to swim as I filled my lungs with the scent of her arousal. As I kissed my way up her inner thighs, she began to moan softly but when I finally reached her swollen pussy lips and ran my tongue through them she cried out and came in my mouth. Id never known a woman come so quickly but continued to tease her pussy, sliding a finger into it and circling it around until I located her G-spot. My tongue had now found her clit and as I flicked at it and massaged her G-spot, she came for a second time in as many minutes. From the rate of her breathing I knew she had to rest, so got up and sat beside her again, this time taking her hand and guiding it onto my throbbing cock. She seemed startled at first, then I remembered her earlier remark and realized that mine was the first cock shed had in her hand for a long time, so let her set the pace.

After a minute or too I felt her hand move and her fingers wrap around my shaft, again she paused then began to slide them up and down it, massaging the copious flow of pre-cum into my knob, all the time, sighing and groaning. As she played with my cock, I slid a hand into the cup of her bra and pinched at her nipple with my thumb and forefinger, feeling just how hard it was.

Suddenly she pulled her hand off my cock and replaced with her lips. Now I knew it wouldn?t be long before I shot my load and within thirty seconds I was coming in her mouth. She swallowed hard but I came so hard that some escaped and dribbled down onto my stomach. Even after Id come I couldnt believe how hard my cock stayed so I got back down between her legs, eased the crotch of her knickers aside again and slid into her. Because I had only come minutes before, I lasted and was able to give her a really good, long fuck, taking he to two more screaming orgasms before I came myself and filled her pussy with a depleted load of my cumm.

After such an intense session we were both exhausted and just sat there holding each other slowly coming back to earth. That was the start of a new chapter in my life and since then Ive xxx sex video download free com had the pleasure of seeing Hazel in all of the outfits Id seen on the line and plenty more Ive bought for her myself.