Anal pleasure

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Anal pleasure

My name Is Josh I was 18 years old and my girlfriends name was Ashley. She was the queen of my high school. She was hot and smart. I was a soccer player. I was 5’11’, brown eyes and black hair. We had been dating for over 2 years. After school Ashley used to work at a small clothing shop in the mall. I would go to see her after the wwwxxx my soccer practice. She had this job only for 1-2months.

She used to get a 15 min brake at 5p.m. and be done at work by 7p.m. We had had sex often. My family had a second apartment that nobody lived in or used with was always empty. This made it easy for us. It was Valentine’s Day and she still had to work. I was disappointed. So I decided to /surprise/">surprise her at work with chocolates, flowers and a gift. The gift was a red lace babydoll. I went at 4.30p.m. I was hoping she would be able to take a brake early. She was happy to see me. I kissed her and gave her the stuff. She was so happy I came. Her friend told her to go for her brake early and that she would cover for Ashley. We went around the back near the changing rooms. Ashley went in to try on her gift. 2mins later she opened the door slightly and signaled me to go in. I went in a saw her in that sexy babydoll I felt a rise in my pants. She giggled and grabbed it with her hand. She unzipped my jeans, undid the button and slid my jeans off.

My cock was hard in Ashley’s hand and she very slowly stroked my cock. Our lips were locked together and my tongue wrapped around Ashley’s tongue. My hands were up and down Ashley’s back. I let Ashley take my T-shirt off and I dropped Ashley’s lingerie to the floor. My hands reached down and I grabbed Ashley’s tight firm ass. She let out a soft moan and bit my lower lip. I lift Ashley off the floor by her ass cheeks and she wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed. I then threw her down and I kneeled in front off her. She split her legs wide and placed her hands on my head. I bit her thigh and I could smell her pussy juices and I wanted it. She wanted me badly I could tell as she grabbed my head and whimpered my name. I licked her /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips slowly up and down. I parted her lips and slid my finger in her pussy. I sucked on her clit while I fingered her slowly. She loved it so she grabbed my hair tight and moaned louder. I knew she was getting close so I fingered her faster and faster and sucked her clit harder. Her moans were getting incredibly loud and she was screaming my name begging me not to stop. So I kept going. As she was reaching her orgasm her exclaimed she was about to explode and when she did cum a little squirted on my face and she yelled my name when she came. People outside most definitely heard her.

I licked my lips and her juices. I could feel her pussy throbbing. I still wanted her but I knew her pussy couldn’t take my cock and so did she. So she looked at me with a grin and turned over. She was bent over in front of me. We had done doggy many times but always vaginal. This time she parted her ass checks and I grabbed them firm in my hands and licked her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole making it nice and wet. She was anxious and nervous so I asked her if she was sure and she told me she wanted it. I place my cock and touched the head to her hole and slowly went inside her. She moaned so loud like I’d never heard before so I slowed down and gently began to slide my shaft inside her ass hole. Her moans soon went from pain to pleasure and got more frequent as I picked up the pace. Her ass was so tight that I was /scared/">scared my cock would rip her hole. I grabbed her by her hair with my one hand and placed the other on her ass check as I began to thrust even faster. She began to yell my name and she told me she wanted it deeper and harder so I did just that. I moved all 8’ inside her and pound her hard. I wwwxxx also spanked her as I moved in and out of her ass whole. I saw her hands, one was squeezing her tit and here other hand was massaging her clit.

Ashley loved this and her moans were more intense than I had ever heard as I slammed her. I was getting close to explode but I was holding back for her. She then let out a huge screaming that she was going to /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard. I pound her so fast that her ass was red. She yelled out Josh as she came and she squirted a little bit as well. I told her I was going to cum. Ashley pulled my cock out of her ass and slid my cock in between her amazing tits and put the head in her mouth. I blew my cum all inside her mouth. She swallowed it all. We got dressed and went out. Everyone was staring at us with judging eyes and whispering.