The night that never was

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The night that never was

It was just another average day, nothing special, nothing exciting, just the same old routine stuff one does day after day. I decided to take a break from a really long shift. It was 3 am and the sprawling lawns outside my workplace were luscious and the mist just seemed to add to the magic.

I lit up a cigarette and looked at the moon, random thoughts running through my head. That was when i thought of her. The love we had shared, the lust we so passionately displayed, the playful things we said to each other, the hatred that had developed.

Getting to know her was not something you would say easy, nor would one find it difficult, it was just weird. I had known her from work sometime ago, never really thought much of her back then. We barely spoke or even looked at each other, or so i thought.

I used to spend a lot of time online, chatting with my friends, colleagues and just random people i had met and exchanged my messenger ids. She was just one of my colleagues whom i had added on my list. I didn't see her for a while and didn't think much of it, till my messenger window popped up with a picture on it. It was a picture of her mimicking a gold fish with squinted eyes. I thought that the picture looked really /cute/">cute and told her so. Little did i know that fate had different plans for me.

We started talking about work, she told me that she'd quite because of the long working hours and the working environment as such. I merely nodded my head knowing well that my time to quit was just around the corner. She spoke about my girlfriend and asked how she was doing, i replied and asked her about her boyfriend. She said that she didn't believe in relationships and that she was just looking for someone who could let her be what she was and be himself as well. Sounded like a good proposition to me.

The days passed and we chatted more often, in fact, we spent more time chatting with each other than doing anything else. I seemed to know her more than my girlfriend and felt that we connected at a completely different level unknown to me till then. We got closer. My girlfriend got annoyed and said that she wanted to leave me because i was barely spending time with her. It really didn't affect me much. I was hooked onto my, what do i call her? Friend? not really, mate? not exactly either, girlfriend? nah, at least things hadn't gotten there yet.

So last summer i quit my job and stayed at home for a 6 month break. That is when our online relationship (guess this sounds more like it) went to the next level. Since i had more time in hand and she really wasn't doing much, we started talking over the phone and eventually ended up meeting for a coffee.

She had changed, from a lean, nice looking girl, she had blossomed into a buxom and /sensual/">sensual woman. She recognized me and called me over to her table. I walked up to her and had a strange feeling that she was sizing me up. Shaking my feelings aside, i hugged her, kissed her on the cheek and complimented her on the smell of her hair. She said that she used a new conditioner she felt i might like. Thought that sounded like a come-on, i neglected it and said that it was great. We spent a blowjob porn videos couple of hours talking and drinking coffee. We found that we had food habits in common as well.

The coffee shop was closing and we were about to leave as well, i asked her if i could drop her home. She politely declined the offer stating that she just lived a couple of streets down the road and added that she would like it if i could walk her home instead. I went to lock my motorcycle and noticed her standing under the light.

She looked absolutely /gorgeous/">gorgeous in her well fitting kurta and hugging jeans. I couldn't but admire her tight, round bottom. A familiar stir in my trousers jerked me awake and i walked towards her trying to shake off all sexual thoughts in my head. She looked at my ride and said it complimented me. I thanked her for it and held out my arm for her to hold.

We started walking down the road, that's when i realized how late it really was. It was well past midnight and traffic was slowly thinning down. We turned into her lane, the streetlights were off with just a few store lights piercing the darkness. I told her that this was the perfect setting for any man to take advantage of a sensual woman like her. She just smiled and said that none had dared to take advantage of her till then. I laughed and said that this was the /first-time/">first time we were together and one never knows what might happen in the future. She smiled again, looked at me and said "I'll be waiting for something to happen".

That awoke the sexual stirrings in me again. Before i could say more, she stopped and said that we were outside her place. I thanked her for coming and leaned to kiss her goodnight. She whispered softly "I want to see you again, anytime, anyplace", kissed my cheek and walked into her house.

I walked back to my motorcycle with a million thoughts of what just happened racing through my head. I went home, washed up, sat at my computer and logged in. Well, there she was, online and with her messenger status reading "Good times to come". I took it as a good sign and started chatting with her. I complimented her on the way she looked tonight and told her to be more careful while walking down the dark lane. She replied saying that she wasn't afraid of anyone but me while walking down the lane. A little puzzled, i asked her why.

She paused for a while before typing that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to control her emotions for me when she is alone with me. Well, as expected, that flattered my ego well and made me like her more. I told her that she was one of the most sensuous /women/">women I've ever met and would like to see more of her. She asked me if i had a web cam and sent me an invite to view hers. I clicked ok and there she popped up on the screen, looking sultrier and sexier with just a camisole on. I couldn't help but to nothing expect look at her, leer you might say. She called me on my mobile and asked me to set my cam on, i told her that i had to look for it and would do it later. She was insistent and stayed on the phone till i found it and hooked it up.

We kept chatting till the early hours of the day, i was getting tired and felt like having a joint. I told her that i wouldn't reply to her messages for a while as i had to roll a joint. I thought i saw her eyes light up when i said the word "joint". Nevertheless, i rolled a joint and blazed it up. She asked me what i felt when i smoked up. I honestly said that it helps calm my mind, temporarily relieve me of stress and gives me a good high as well. She asked me what was stressing me out now, i hesitated and then told her that my mind was going through a lot since what our meeting up. She asked me why. I told her that i felt quite different when around her, a lot more relaxed, didn't have to make an effort to be something i really wasn't and also, she made me feel sexual.

With a curious look on her face, She then asked if being sexual was stressful, i truthfully replied no and said that feeling sexual and not being able to do something about it was the primary reason for stress. I saw her smile, felt relieved that she didn't take it negatively.

I asked her if she wanted to catch up the next day as i wasn't doing much and would like to spend some time with her. She agreed and asked where. I asked her to come up with something random and call me in the morning. Anything she decides, would be done that day. She had a milf porn videos wicked look on her face when she said, "I'll have you asking for more". i couldn't help but smile and feel excited about the next day.