Mom made me her daughter

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Mom made me her daughter

Note: This story is completely fictional!

Hello! My name is JASON . I am gay femine guy of 21 and I am the only son of my parents. My mom is 42 and dad is 50. My dad works as a sales representative and goes out for work every time. My mom is a /teacher/">teacher in a near by boys school.This story of mine is personal itis mixture of/fantasy/">fantasy begins from my childhood. 

One night I was suffering from many imaginations in my dreams of getting fucked in my ass and i cumed in my dream as well as on my bed every day ,this day was special i was not asleep and i was watching gsysex movies in my room .

That day my dad was out of country and he will not come home for next one month, it was a Strange night.In the mid night around 2AM, I felt desperate for cumming, So I woke up from sleep and came out of the room and as soon as I opened the nextroom door I was stuned from my eyes I observed mom and our house watchman were kissing each other . Although I wanted to porn videos download see them have sex, after seeing that, it all went in. I could see them very clearly as the light of room was on and the door was fully open. I was really surprised to see them in that position, as like this I have never seen them before. Our watchman was biting /nipples/moms-nipples/">moms nipples and she was moaning . To my great /surprise/">surprise, they were nude and then mom was trying to cum and watchman was jerking his dick. Mom was standing and watchman shot load of cum on moms body.

After few minutes watchman took mom in his arms and kissed her on her lips, mom also replied by kissing him and watchman began to lick her tits and was willing to fuck her, as he wanted to satisfy mom. Mom also was responding him and wanted a /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck. He started fucking her and mom suddenly stopped him.

I opened the door a bit more so that I could see bodies of both of them but not the face.Watchman was riding on mom and fucking her wild. Mom was moaning and having sex with watchman. I was so excited that I cum in my pants.

After that I was excited too much and I decided in my mind that I will be in momplace even though i was a man iwanted a womens place in sex .
I was really relaxed when I saw mom and Watchman hugging each other. 
He fucked her very hard and all the time I was feeling him in my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole with my finger and waited to see what happens next.

After few minutes He saw me ther peeping in the room and he said to mom Look at him Jason is here. Mom stopped and ran out of the room and closed inside the other room .Watchman stoped and looked at me and said â?œI want you to feels when someone fucks you with /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock up your assâ?? â?œIs that what you want, Jason he asked me .Watchman asked me â?œdo you want to get fucked in the ass?!â?? I staring at him I slowly nodded my head yes, xxx and took his cock into my warm mouth and sucked on his cockhead,he made me naked and began fingering my asshole and just stroked my dick and I was about to cum.

Mom was almost losing her mind as she watched Watchman slip his dick in between my legs, and after spitting on his hand and lubricating the head of his dick, he slowly pushed it forward until is was forcing itself inside my hole .Watchman /cock/big-cock/">big cock disappeared inside me,
Slowly at first he began stroking ne, and as I became hotter he increased the pace of his stroking until his dick was almost insidemy little asshole. I managed to take his dick head into my asshole, and getting him to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass .

I lay down on my back spread the legs and offered my little asshole to Watchman /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick Of all the times I felt almost like a female was when he mounted and fucked me . I was like she was a normal woman as he pounded my ass, Watchman kissed me deeply on the lips, and as his penis became more hard in my tight asshole and cum in me ahot load of hot scum comes out of his dick into my ass and drifting down my legs and on my penis it rolled over. 

While I lay together with Watchman mom asked me softly, I canâ??t think of one thing I did wrong. And i kissed him and her on the cheek and replied gently, â?œNothing, you didnâ??t do anything wrong at all, I just want too for me okay. Watchman giggled a little as his penis began to stiffen and Mom replied Okay my son your are also my /daughter/">daughter too.

Then after this Watchman fucked me and mom for whole month and I decided iwant more and said mom i want to become a women help me pls 
for that she said ok and took me to /doctor/">doctor and helped with hormones and sex every time .