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Matilda gasped as Patrick?s fingers touched her arm. They were freezing cold. He chuckled and slipped his hand around her waist, sneaking his fingers under the thin material of her top. She shivered but made no attempt to move his arm.

The air was cold, it was to be expected, winter in London was never a warm time. God knows why Steve and Nick had suddenly decided they wanted to go bowling. It had been a text message about two hours ago that had started this madness.

Patrick had felt the familiar vibrating just as he was about to switch on a movie and settle back to watch it. Reluctantly he checked his phone and it had announced that Steve and Ashley had decided to go bowling, Nick and Emily had agreed and they wanted him and Matilda to join.

Calling Matilda, he had half hoped she would give him an out and say she was busy, but instead she had been glad of something to do. So he had swung by to pick her up and viola here they where, stood outside the packed bowling alley and shivering to death because the management were still getting the VIP area ready.

Nick sighed, his breath escaping his lips in a puff of white condensation.

?Dude, it?s freezing? he muttered, the others nodded their agreement.

Steve was cuddling Ashley for all he was worth. She was shivering and making some half-hearted jibes about him stealing all her body heat. Was no /surprise/">surprise she was cold really, she had on jeans that couldn?t be any lower without being indecent and a minute top.

Emily was wearing tight jeans and a huge jumper than could have easily fit all three girls in and was shaking her head sympathetically at the other girl.

The only one that hadn?t made any comment about the cold was Matilda. She was wearing a short pleated pink skirt, which Patrick couldn?t look at without shivering on her behalf. Huge over-sized fluffy boots and a plain white t-shirt underneath a long beige cardigan.

Raking his eyes over her, he smiled and pulled her slightly closer to himself. She turned her eyes to him and he leaned forward placing a chaste kiss on her nose. Her lips curled into an indulgent smile and her eyes sparkled.

He wondered briefly how he?d gotten so lucky.

Steve straightened and pointed to the back entrance which had opened, a man was stood in the doorway and beckoning them in. They walked into the building and through a long corridor. It was lined with windows into the main bowling alley and Patrick assumed that they were one-sided mirrors.

There was another door with ?V.I.P Lounge? stamped onto it in silver lettering and they were led in and promptly told that should they need anything they were to inform the staff immediately.

The door was then closed and the group looked around the room. There where two bowling lanes in the middle of the room, suede couches around the walls, a cola vending machine and a few arcade games at the back.

The boys were quick to voice their approval, dropping their coats and selves onto the plush seating.

Ashley took full advantage of standing under a heating vent that was in the centre of the ceiling, while Emily was sticking close to Nick.

Matilda walked over to the arcade games and smirked at Christmas themed pinball machine. She walked up to it so that her knees touched the bar that was there obviously to indicate how you were supposed to stand to play and she shook her head. Safety laws were starting to get ridiculous.

?So, who wants to go first?? asked Steve as he made his way over to the computer to type in their names. He saw in the top corner of the screen a ?total? and noticed that they had already been charge ?20.00 for actually using the room. He rolled his eyes and put Nick?s name in first.

After a while, the game was well under way. The boys scores were close, Ashley was in the lead and the other two had given up trying to win and where now competing for the coveted prize of ?most gutter balls achieved??.

So far, Matilda was loosing at that too.

After she had taken another go, managing to knock down a whole of two pins, she walked back over to the pinball machine and jumped up on top of it, feet resting on the safety bar. Patrick raised a questioning eyebrow at her but turned away in favour of his turn.

After he had rolled and he made sure that the others were engrossed he sauntered over to where Matilda was sitting, she smirked at him. Creeping forward he put his hands on each of her knees and looked up into her eyes. It was a rare occasion were he had to look up at her.

?You okay?? he asked, tilting his head to the side slightly to gage her reaction.

?Yeah? she answered, unconsciously running a tongue along her bottom lip,

?You never told me you were so good at bowling,? he teased she rolled her eyes in mock-exasperation and spread her legs slightly to accommodate her boyfriends slim hips. He took a step forwards and slid his hands up to her thigh?s. She leaned down, pressed her lips to his and he responded eagerly, tongue pressing for entry against her warm mouth.

She willingly gave it to him. Not even a second passed before his tongue was searching for hers, the softness massaging her own tongue in the familiar feeling that she knew so well ? but still couldn?t quite believe was hers for the taking anytime she wanted it.

They broke apart when they heard cheering from behind.

Ashley had gotten a strike.

?Well done? Matilda encouraged, ?what do you get if you win??

?Ah, she?s right. We should have put money on this? Ashley grinned, ?I would have made a bomb,? she added to a sulking Steve.

?You wouldn?t have because I? going to win? he added, picking up his ball and getting ready to take his turn.

Matilda rolled her eyes. Amused at the banter between the couple, although her full attention was on the boy between her legs. Of course, she wasn?t going to let him know that.

?Where are you?? she smiled, locking eyes with Patrick,

?Third I think,? he added smiling warmly, his hands moving gently over her thighs,

?Fourth? came Nick? correction from behind, Patrick shook his head.

?How?re your legs so warm? he pondered, running his fingers in circles over the pale skin of his lover. Matilda shrugged tucking her hair behind her ear. A little put out by her elusive behaviour Patrick moved his hands to underneath her legs and lifted them up, so the support she got from the safety bar was gone. As a result, she slid down the surface of the pinball machine and ended up flush against Patrick?s body. Her feet still helplessly off the ground she scowled at Patrick who leaned forward and kissed her again.

She kissed back, her hands running down his back and stopping just above his arse, then sliding down and pulling him closer to her. In this position she could feel him harden against her, the hard denim of his jeans pressing against her thin cotton knickers. Tilly knew she should feel exposed like this in front of his friends but for some reason she did not.

Patrick pulled her into a kiss again and she shifted on the pinball machine to try and get more comfy, however the shifting caused her to rub against Patrick who instantly started to harden more and had it not been for her lips over his, he would probably have moaned.

The couple continued to kiss for a while, until Steve politely announced that it was Matilda?s turn. She pulled away from Patrick?s mouth and looked at the others.

Nick had a curious eyebrow raised, Emily was looking rather amused, Ashley was frowning slightly and Steve himself looked rather uncomfortable to be the one to break it up.

It was then she became aware of how she must look, flushed from the arousal of Patrick?s hardness pressed insistently against her, lips swollen from the kissing and slightly breathless to boot. In addition, her hair must be quite matted because Patrick had spared nothing in running his hands through it.

?Oh just drop one in the gutter for me? she laughed, shifting against the /brunette/">brunette in front of her and trying not to laugh out loud when he had to bite his lip to stop from groaning. Steve rolled his eyes and placed a ball in the middle of the lane, he then sat next to his girlfriend and draped his arm around her. The ball was moving very slowly and despite themselves, they all watched it with rapt interest.

When it knocked down all the pins, every single jaw dropped.

?Bloody hell!? Nick gasped. Steve looked at the lane in disbelief.

?That isn?t fair,? Ashley stated, /casting/">casting a good-natured scowl at her boyfriend.

?Kay, Patrick you now? Steve added,

?Er, Chaz can you give me a minute?? Patrick asked, his face bright red from embarrassment. Matilda giggled and the others groaned.

?Get a room? Emily mocked.

?I think I?m just going to go for a walk.? Patrick announced, ?make sure Steve takes my go? he winked. Then he turned his attention back to Matilda, ?wanna come?? he added, voice ladled with innuendo. Beaming she nodded and slid down his body until she was standing. He laced his fingers with hers and guided her out of the room, which was now filled with suggestive whistling and catcalls.

?Are you okay, sir?? came a voice from behind him and he turned to see and staff member looking at him warily,

?Yeah,? he replied, ?just looking for the toilets,? he mentioned casually,

?Oh, the V.I.P one is around that corner? he pointed behind him.

By that, Patrick deduced that there was only one, which he was glad for because he was beginning to formulate a plan in his mind. Tightening his grip on Matilda?s slim hand he guided her into the single bathroom and grinned as he shut the door behind them.

?So, what now Mr Jameson?? Matilda asked an edge of cheekiness to her smooth voice. He regarded her with a cool look at pointed to the sinks. There where a row of them (three) against the wall, with a long mirror stretching from either side. Opposite those where three toilet cubicles.

?Jump up.? He ordered and she was happy to oblige, he stepped towards her and she spread he legs eagerly to accommodate him. Pretty soon they were mimicking the position they were in on the pinball machine.

Locked in a passionate kiss, Tilly had to break away and gasp when she felt one of Patrick?s long fingers slip under the side of her now wet knickers and run down her slit.

?You?re so wet? he breathed into her ear as he dipped his head and lapped at the milky skin of her neck.

She groaned as his thumb started to rub her clit gently and two of his fingers slipped inside her.

?It?s? she paused to gasp in a breath ?your fault? he grazed his teeth lightly against her neck in response, she shivered,

?Cheeky? he moved his hand away,

?Tease? was the disappointed mutter, but was cut short when both of Patrick?s hands slid up past her stomach and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly.

?I love it when you don?t wear a bra? he growled, his voice raspy with lust,

?I know, now stop talking and get on with it!? she flattened her hands on his taut stomach and pushed him back a bit. Her fingers fumbled clumsily with his belt and she could barely believe how aroused she was. When it was open, the baggy jeans fell to the floor easily and left him stood there in his black Calvin Klein /underwear/">underwear.

Matilda dipped her hand into them and reached inside. She heard him moan when her fingers curled around the velvety flesh. Acting quickly she let go and pulled his boxers down as far as she could freeing her prize.

Patrick was so hard he was leaking and Kenz momentarily wondered how many more strategic shifts she would have had to do in the other room to have him creaming his shorts in front of his friends.

Probably only one or two more.

She licked her lips and leaned in, claiming Patrick?s in a passionate kiss. When she broke away, she looked at him with an eyebrow stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv raised. He watched her for a second and the realisation dawned. He leaned down and groped in his jeans until he stood up holding his wallet. Matilda took it from his hands and opened it, pulling out a small square package and then dropped the wallet on the side next to her.

She ripped open the packet and pulled out the thin condom. She made a move to put it on Patrick but he grabbed her hand and shook his head,

?Let me, if you touch me I think...well, just don?t okay? she smiled at his blush; pleased she could still get him this worked up after nearly a year.

When his /erection/">erection was fully sheathed, he leaned into kiss her again, moving her knickers away once more and pulling her forward. Gently he moved into her.

She gasped, tightening her legs around him. Patrick noted that the fur on her boots was a very odd sensation on his arse but the thought was gone in a second as the feeling of pure pleasure enveloped him.

He pulled Matilda towards him even more, so she was more on him that the sink. Her arms circled around his neck, he cupped her arse and started rocking into her smoothly.

?Ahh? Matilda moaned, as quietly as she could, but if he kept doing that, she knew that wouldn?t be the only one that escaped. She was about to moan again when Patrick kissed her and swallowed the sound. Before long, they where moaning into white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie each other?s mouths, lost in the pleasure of each other?s bodies.

?Oh god, I?m gunna cum ? ?Patrick panted heavily, moving one of his hands from Matilda?s butt and massaging her clit. She yelped and he groaned.

They were too far gone to worry about people knowing what they were doing. The rest of their friends could probably guess anyway.

The double sensation was too much for Matilda and she spiralled into her orgasm, Patrick?s name falling off her swollen lips. She gasped and panted and tensed.

She tensed around Patrick, which sent him into his own orgasm.

After the two had ridden it out, they stayed perfectly still, leaning on each other, sweaty and panting. They were so spent that even when they heard the door open the most they could do was turn their head, and since they had been resting forehead to forehead this left them cheek to cheek.

They both looked at a very shocked Nick.

?Oh, erm, sorry? he stammered and left quickly.

It took a moment and then Patrick started to laugh. Matilda followed and they shook their heads, both too sated to be embarrassed.

?What do you do to me?? Patrick asked, looking in wonder at the girl in front of him as he pulled out and tossed the soiled condom into the bin at the side of the sinks. Her remark was a smile as she jumped down and fixed herself up in front of the mirror.

Patrick pulled up his pants, fastened his jeans and ran a hand through his hair, which was damp with sweat.

?You look well-shagged? Matilda jibbed,

?So do you? he grinned pulling her in for another quick kiss. He ran his hand down her face and neck and pulled at the chain around her neckline. Smiling as it brought out the plain silver ring. He stepped back and dropped his hand to clutch hers,

?I love you?

?I love you too, it?s why I married you? he grinned and Kenz couldn?t fight back a beaming smile,

?Shush? she said lovingly, tucking the necklace back under her t-shirt, ?I thought you didn?t want anybody to know!?

Together they walked back into the main room.

Against all odds, Nick had won.